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“The recommissioning work (Newmatic Engineering) did at our Chemical Sciences Building enabled us to win an award for best practices in the UC/CSU Energy Efficiency Partnership Program. This would not have been possible without the outstanding work you did and your ability to interface with our staff for the necessary support. Thanks again and looking forward to other opportunities to work together.”

William Lekas
Utility Manager
San Diego State University

Phoenix Controls Theris® Control System for Healthcare Spaces

Phoenix Controls systems have been maintaining critical pressure relationships in California laboratories for over twenty years. In the last five years, Phoenix Controls has optimized their offering for the healthcare market in developing the Theris system. The Theris® system is designed specifically for hospitals and critical care facilities to help facility owners provide superior process control with reduced energy use and reduced maintenance costs.

Superior Process Control

California law requires specific pressure relationships in over seventy different types of hospital spaces. Each of these spaces must maintain proper directional airflow to insure optimal health for both patients and health care workers.

The Phoenix Control Theris system maintains these critical pressure relationships at all times, even when challenges are presented that would cause a failure in any other system. This includes:

  • Maintaining pressure relationships when airflow volume is varied to save energy.
  • Maintaining pressure relationships when zones are put into an “unoccupied” position to save energy.
  • Maintaining pressure relationships in all zones, even when neighboring zones experience significant flow changes.
  • Maintaining pressure relationships in all zones, even with the significant lint loading that is common in hospital exhaust systems.
  • Maintaining pressure relationships even when neighboring zones are adjusted or rebalanced.

When proper pressure relationships are maintained, the spread of airborne pathogens is minimized.

Another critical process that may be required is pandemic response. The Phoenix Controls system allows you to immediately re-balance your hospital in the event of a pandemic event. If all Airborne Infection Isolation rooms were overflowing, standard patient rooms could be converted to negatively pressurized spaces. Corridor supply air can be simultaneously increased in order to maintain a consistent pressure level on the floor plate.

Reduced Energy Use

The Phoenix Controls Theris system can “turn down” from high airflow levels to very low airflow levels while maintaining precise and accurate control. This high turndown ratio saves energy. Phoenix Controls devices have a turndown ratio (the ratio of the maximum controllable volume to the minimum controllable volume) of up to 20:1. Traditional devices have a turndown ratio of 3:1. This means that a Phoenix Controls Theris system you can save significantly more energy than with any other system.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

No flow sensors – The Theris system has no flow sensors. This means no required routine maintenance. Sensors are not required because all Phoenix Venturi valves are characterized for their full flow range at the factory, with a 48-point flow table loaded onto the controller. This means there are no flow sensors to clean, ever.

Fewer controllers per room – The Theris controller provide a full electronic platform to control airflow and temperature in each zone, and even to monitor humidity and pressure where required. This eliminates the need for additional controllers in the space.

Superior implementation

Commissioning – Since the Phoenix Controls Theris system is self balancing, the process of setting up your new facility moves very quickly. Testing, adjusting and balancing (TAB) is minimized, which means faster commissioning. Imagine commissioning your new or reconfigured HVAC system by just turning the fans on.

Integration – The Phoenix Theris system integrates seamlessly with industry-standard protocols. Systems are available which are native BACnet® (BTL BACnet certified) and native LonTalk® (LonMark® certified).

Pressure-independent operation – Design up to 30% shorter duct runs throughout the HVAC system. Theris valves operate accurately even with short or angled duct sections. Precise airflow delivery rate is never compromised when there are changes in static pressure.

Shut-off capability – In healthcare, needs for gaseous decontamination or HVAC isolation are not always considered during the planning stage. Planning a valve up front that can control airflow precisely with low-leakage shut-off can save thousands of dollars.


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