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Office ventilation has traditionally been done with one thermostat controlling several areas. This is done because it is considered too expensive and too complicated to provide individual temperature control for each occupant. However, in todayís world, there is a reasonable expectation of being able to control your climate. Many car makers are providing dual temperature control for their vehicles. It only seems reasonable that you could get the same “luxury” at work. And not only is comfort a reasonable expectation, it also has an economic benefit: productivity is greatly increased when employees are comfortable.

So the traditional approach has shortcomings. But what are your options? Can you get optimal individual comfort at a competitive price?

In most cases, the answer is yes. Newmatic Engineering will assist you in designing your facility with Acutherm ThermaFusers. Facilities designed in this way give optimal tenant comfort, increased worker productivity, and maximum energy savings.

The most common complaints of tenants in office buildings are that they are too hot or too cold. This is because typical diffusers “dump” cold air at low volume, and many times they are responding to temperature demands in a different area (since there is only one thermostat for several areas). A ThermaFuser is a Variable Air Volume (VAV) diffuser: it varies the amount of conditioned air delivered to the space in order to maintain optimal comfort. The ThermaFuser is remarkable in that it senses the room temperature and the temperature of the air coming through the duct from the air-conditioning system. When there is cold air in the duct and the room is warm, the ThermaFuser opens to deliver cooling air. As the room approaches the desired temperature, the ThermaFuser intelligently reduces airflow to maintain a comfortable space. Operation in the heating mode is similar.

And the ThermaFuser is smart: if the room is warm but the air in the duct is hot, the ThermaFuser will close in order not to overheat the space.

To perform its VAV function, the ThermaFuser varies its opening size depending on how much air is needed. This results in a constant discharge velocity from the ThermaFuser. Because of this constant discharge velocity, air is always mixed well and delivered to the room at a comfortable temperature and velocity. Supply air quickly combines with room air to provide a delightfully well-conditioned environment. There is no “dumping” of cold air or “excessive buoyancy” of hot air. Temperature complaints are virtually eliminated.

And the energy savings compared to a traditional system is impressive. By controlling each diffuser, energy is saved in every zone that doesnít have an occupant. No longer do you need to over-cool five unoccupied offices in order to get your office to a comfortable temperature. Your office will maintain excellent temperature control while saving energy in the other four offices. And with the EF diffuser, you can go to your web browser and put your office in “unoccupied” (un-conditioned) mode to save energy (if you know youíll be out for the day).

Newmatic Engineering offers design assistance for the entire mechanical system, including CAD work to modify existing duct layouts in order to accommodate a ThermaFuser design. We also can do cost comparisons to show how a ThermaFuser job is typically LESS expensive (on an installed cost basis) than a traditional VAV-box design. All our designs take into account typical system design requirement of separate zoning by exposure, interior zones vs. exterior zones, etc. We also can provide information on integrating with DDC control systems, whether designing sequences for appropriate discharge air temperatures, heating/cooling switchover, or (with the EF), delivering temperature, flow, and setpoint information to the front end.

We also offer Paragon Control flow measuring stations and controllers for return fan tracking control. This method of fan control provides the greatest energy efficiency and consistent building pressurization. Other means of return fan control inevitably waste energy, compromise air quality, or disrupt building pressurization. Building occupants who have Paragon Controls have assured air quality and energy efficiency.

Finally, we offer Genesis Air, state of the art technology for odor removal. While your best option is always dealing with odors at the source, in some cases airborne odors cannot be eliminated at the source. Genesis Airís photo-catalytic oxidation (PCO) technology achieves unprecedented levels of odor removal. Genesis Air is also remarkable in its ability to kill germs, viruses, and molds. Newmatic Engineering is passionate about delivering the highest quality office environment to our customers. Please give us an opportunity to show you how we can make your facility better.



TMI fabricates and delivers Custom Air Systems to the client's facility with single point connections.

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Paragon Controls


Airflow measurement and control instrumentation for return fan tracking control. Saves energy, assures building pressurization.

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Genesis Air


Air cleaning technology to remove odors (VOCs), kill biologicals (germs, viruses, and mold), and dramatically reduce environmental tobacco smoke (ETS).

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