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Save big with Lab-RCx energy incentive program. Save big with Lab-RCx energy incentive program.
Why Laboratory Airflow Controls System Optimization?

Labs are expensive to operate. A typical lab facility has 5 to 10 times the operating cost of a similarly-sized commercial building and most of that cost is attributed to ventilation:

  1. Labs require 100% single-pass outside air 24-hours a day every day for ventilation (no recirculation), and
  2. Labs have fume hoods that require significant amounts of make-up air. A typical fume hood costs over $5000 per year to operate. Many labs have multiple fume hoods.

NE's Optimization Programs

Newmatic Engineering has developed a comprehensive suite of laboratory airflow controls optimization programs aimed at:

  • Lowering energy costs in labs
  • Maximizing safety
  • Reducing downtime
  • Enhancing comfort
  • Reducing noise
  • Protecting capital investment

Those Who Can Benefit

Those who can benefit
Biotech and pharmeceutical firms, colleges and universities, government and municipal laboratories, medical facilities

Sample Savings

Labs use large amounts of heating and cooling energy to maintain appropriate space conditions. Furthermore, if the system is operating improperly or is out of calibration, actual air volumes can be higher than required, resulting in wasted energy. Some systems we have optimized are shown in the table below:

Total Annual Savings
kWh Saved Per Year
Therms Saved Per Year
Santa Monica Community College
337,342 kWh
18,407 therms
University of California at San Diego,
Center for Molecular Medicine East
2,557,000 kWh
118,400 therms
Cal Poly Pomona,
Building 4
561,394 kWh
24,951 therms